Building and Finance 

This committee, along with the pastoral staff and the congregation, oversees the business and finances of the church. Its responsibilities include supervision of the treasurer and the collection of gifts, offerings, and any other income received by the church. Additionally, it supervises the allocation of all donations for financing the ministries and pays for expenses incurred by the church, prepares and administers the annual church budget, manages the church property, oversees the support staff of the church, and maintains the official records of the church.


This committee oversees the ministry to all children in the 5th grade and below through the program called Covenant Kids. The purpose of the program is for the children to know, love, and learn to obey God.

It is responsible for organizing, supervising and directing the Christian educational activities in the Covenant Kids program and VBS. It is also involved in recruiting and training the teachers, selecting curricula, and organizing course schedules.


This committee is responsible for promoting interest in the gospel partners that New Covenant Church supports around the world. It oversees the selection of those partners and encourages the participation of the congregation in their support.


This committee works closely with the Music Director to care for the music equipment and supplies and to maintain the contents of the music library