New Covenant Church Naperville About Us

Dear New Covenant Church Family,

We’re meeting again at One Bunting Lane. Seating is by reservation only. RSVP here.

Service times are as follows:

– 9:00 a.m. (socially distanced service in which the congregation is masked the entire time. )

– 10:30 a.m. (socially distanced service in which the congregation will wear masks upon arrival, during singing and recitations, and upon departure, but unmasked when listening only)

– In addition to this week’s regular online service, starting on October 25 we will offer a livestream of the 10:30 a.m. service for those with health concerns or who are uncomfortable with in-person gatherings currently.

We’re excited to finally be able to meet again! But because of COVID-19, these services will have some logistical challenges. Please read this message carefully, along with the links.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in returning to NCC’s church services, which are open to all.

But please note that you are in no way obligated to come to the service. We will continue to offer a service on video for all who need or want it. The 10:30 service will be recorded, produced, and uploaded to the NCC YouTube channel ASAP. You will be able to find a video link HERE.

Here are some NCC specifics you need to know:

•  While we are trying very hard to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it is impossible to maintain a sterile environment. Please note that you are joining the church service at your own risk.

•  Signage will instruct those who are sick or who have been in contact with known COVID patients to stay home and refrain from attending worship services for 14 days in case of contact with a case of COVID or 14 days after all symptoms abate, in the case of infection.

•  Masks are mandatory inside and outside the building. It is advisable to cough or sneeze into the arm, as opposed to the hand.

•  Wash your hands before attending a service, avoid touching your face, refrain from shaking hands, hugging, or touching others outside of your immediate family, in any way.

•  Please use your restroom at home.

•  Use restrooms only in emergencies. All restrooms will be wiped down after each person uses the restroom, by that person, using disinfectant and wipes provided. A more thorough cleaning will happen between worship services.

•  A parent should accompany his or her kids under 12 during bathroom breaks so that restrooms remain properly sanitized after each use.

•  Door knobs, stair rails, and pew rails will be wiped between services.

•  Everyone should expect to maintain 6′ spacing between family groups.

•   Ushers will seat the congregation from front to back. Please follow their directions.

•  We will send a worship email Saturday so you can follow along during the service.

Please go HERE for more instructions and precautions before you arrive.

Thanks for your prayers. We’re all trusting God to speak to us through His Word.

In Christ,

Pastor Chris

new covenant church


1 Bunting Lane, Naperville IL 60565