We believe the Scriptures establish basic principles to guide the actions and attitudes of a Christian and that it is the responsibility of each Christian, through constant submission to Christ, to glorify God through the application of these principles. We affirm the Scriptures as the Christian’s final source of teaching and training for all of life’s activities. Consistent reading and study of the Word of God is essential for growth in the Christian life.

We believe the life of a Christian empowered by the Holy Spirit, is characterized by love for and dependence upon God and love toward all people. A Christian loves God by worshipping Him, giving thanks for all He has done, obeying Him, and making Him known to others. A Christian loves others by sharing their burdens, remaining intolerant of their sin, forgiving their personal offenses yet seeking to restore them to fellowship with the Lord, demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, and loving others as himself.

We believe, for example, that the Scriptures call a Christian to be joyful, to trust in God, to live a life of holiness in the world, to exhibit humility and honesty, to deny self in submission to the sovereignty of Christ and to be a faithful steward of things God has given—mind, body, time, abilities, funds, and opportunities.

We believe that a Christian must strive to live a life in which Christ is Lord of all thoughts, actions, and words. A Christian must recognize that there are actions and attitudes that are inconsistent and inappropriate, such as sinning against the body of Christ or one’s own body. A Christian led by the Holy Spirit will, after prayer and studying of the Scriptures, exercise freedom responsibly with loving regard for the weaknesses of others.

We further believe that, based on Scriptural teaching and concern for our individual and corporate witness, we must refrain from any practices of sexual impurity, stealing, coveting, lying, gossiping, drunkenness, and all other condemnable practices.