New Covenant Church Naperville Covenant Kids Program

New Covenant Church is excited to partner with you as you train your children to love and serve our Lord Jesus. We want to encourage and support you as the most important spiritual influencer in your child’s life. The programs we offer during the Sunday Service seek to reinforce and build upon the vital discipleship work you do in your home every day. We offer care through out the service in our lower level for children under 4. We invite older children to participate in the worship service.

Worship as Families

Worshipping God is a Christian’s eternal vocation—we believe it is never too early to train our children to worship joyfully and reverently. We encourage children to participate in the worship service, recognizing they will need adults to assist them. Children’s sermon notes are available each week that ask engaging questions about the service and sermon to encourage attentiveness.

Wonders of Worship (WOW)

Midway through our service, children aged 4-2nd grade are invited to participate in our WOW program. The children are dismissed for the remainder of the service and are picked up down in the Christian Education wing (Room 103) at the conclusion of the service.

WOW uses the Teach Me to Worship curriculum. Each month, one element of our corporate worship service is highlighted. Some examples include praise, prayer, confession of faith, and tithes and offerings. Our talented teachers present the lessons from a passage in the Bible which exemplifies the reason and importance of that particular element in our services. On the fifth Sunday in a month, we invite the children to remain in the entire service to experience all parts of a worship service. Intended for children 4-2nd grade, this curriculum prepares children to move naturally into the next phase of spiritual development as active participants in worship.

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