Prayer for Supplication:

Prayers for the Women’s Bible study. May people enjoy seeing each other even if it is only online. May God direct our conversations, the learning and our hearts as we study together.

Please pray for Jack Zaruba. His thumb has an infection that may require surgery and hospital stay.

Please pray that my ex wife finds the happiness she seeks and finds a way back to her children and can love them with all her heart again.
In Jesus name I pray.

Stephanie Weckesser’s father went to be with the Lord this afternoon.  As of yet, we do not have details concerning the funeral.  Let us together lift dear Stephanie and her family before the throne of God and ask for his comfort and peace.  

Please pray for Joann Cairns. Joann is having a pacemaker installed on July 6th to speed up her heart rate and hopefully increase her energy levels.

Please pray for complete healing for Sandra’s dad, Dick, as he has been diagnosed with severely clogged arteries causing gangrene in his right foot. God is able to dissolve blockages to allow good blood flow.

Please pray for Carl Zelonis’s brother Bill whose wife Shelia passed away from a long battle with esophageal cancer. Bill is separated from family in Sarasota Fla. He will have to find a way to go on with his life.

Pray for Pastor Andrew and his family as they seek God’s guidance for their next place of ministry.  Because of CoVid 19 their time at NCC has been extended through August.

Please pray for Sean’s family as we go through a big period of transition. I am moving into full time disability so please pray for the huge decisions that need to be made: Changes of insurance, change into disability pay and the budgeting that goes with it, and changes of healthcare and pain management. Pray that God be with Heather and me to make the right choices for us according to His plan. Lastly, pray for our son Conor as he graduates and looks to start the next chapter of his life. May God bless and guide him.

Linda Horton.  Pray for the Gaponenko family as they care for her.

Pray for Barb Peterson and the children of the church.  Ask God to make this a time of spiritual growth as families are home together.  Pray for our youth, as well.

Pray for those in our congregation who are working in the medical field.  Ask God to protect them from sickness.

Please pray for our Church. Ask God to establish and bless the plans we made at the Annual Meeting on Sunday.

Pray that our church would be known for its compassion for others and passion for the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for Debbie’s mom.  She is in a nursing home—she has been for the past 11 months. They have been in a lockdown since March and hadn’t had any cases of CORONA-19. Until May 12. That started a path that has, as of yesterday, 48 of 82 residents testing positive For the virus. I found out about this on Saturday when my dad called. So far my mom has tested negative and shown no symptoms. But the virus has hit the nursing home hard, and 6 residents have died. Sunday was the first time my dad has specifically asked me to pray for my mom.

Pray for those who have wanted to be baptized.  Even though the baptisms have had to be postponed, pray their faith will be strengthened during this time of waiting.

Pray for a family in the early stages of trying to decide their next steps on where to live and what direction they should take with their lives. This decision affects many people and they are having trouble discerning God’s will in the situation.

Pray for God’s choice of people to fill vacancies for elected positions in the church.

Prayer for our sick:

Pray for Joann Cairns. Joann is having a pacemaker installed on July 6th to speed up her heart rate and hopefully increase her energy levels.

Steve Hvizdos called today to share that his mother, Liz, has been admitted to the ER due to various symptoms including vomiting.  He believes it may be due to a cancerous growth on her liver. Pray for wisdom regarding the best treatment plan.

Pray for Andrew Remillard who will be having double bypass surgery Friday May 29th. He arrived home from the hospital on June 4th. Continue to pray for healing. 

Pray for Sean Donahue who is battling  chronic pain and swelling, along with mobility issues.

Pray for Andy who has a degenerative hip condition.  Andy, 33, just found out he will need double hip replacement within the next two months. Please pray for his peace and that the surgery will go smoothly and be a success.

Pray for Heather, who needs shoulder surgery to repair a fracture but who also has a heart condition which complicates the decision to operate.  Heather’s surgery is scheduled for July 22. condition – she has a regurgitating heart valve.

Our Cross Cultural Workers

Pray for Paul and Mary Adams and Isaac, who serve with Leadership Resources.  LRI equips pastors around the world to teach God’s Word with God’s heart—training them to preach it faithfully.  Paul supports the infrastructure of training partnerships by working with the communications and technology teams.  He also travels to do training with pastors.  Mary translates written materials for training in East Asia.

Pray for Our World

Pray for our city.  Ask God to bless and guide the important work of the Accessible Community Task Force and the Advisory Commission on Disabilities. Pray that people with disabilities and special needs in Naperville would be fully included in the life of the community and that many who are not currently attending churches would feel welcome in our houses of worship.

Pray for Gov. Pritzker, Mayor Lightfoot, and all Illinois officials to have wisdom, character, compassion, and guidance. May they seek to serve everyone in the state as they honor God in every decision.

Pray for our state.  Ask God to grant us a healthy and growing economy and the wisdom to use it wisely.

Pray that Governor Pritzker would experience God’s love and grace as expressed through His people.

Please pray for our Nation. Thank God for all the blessings and freedoms we enjoy in the United States and for those who sacrificed to make them possible.

Ask God to eradicate racism, bigotry, and other evils throughout the United States.

Pray that Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of a society where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin would become a reality in our lifetimes.

Please pray for our World. Ask God to bring the good news of Jesus to millions of Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists around the world who have little opportunity to hear of the Savior. Ask Him for a Great Awakening among these people groups.