Prayer requests are posted for three weeks, then removed for more current needs. If your situation changes and you have an update, or your situation requires continued prayer, please notify us so that we can keep the body informed.

Prayer for Supplication:


Please kindly join me to pray for deliverance for my children from mental illness. Jeffrey and Jennifer Ozegin. Also pray for financial breakthrough. I don’t want my house to be repossessed.



Please pray for my husband who is an alcoholic. He is abusive when he drinks. I’m 12 weeks pregnant & it’s no longer safe for me to live with my husband so I’m living with my parents right now. I’m praying he submits to God & truly gets sober & allows God to transform his life.



From Stan Guthrie: A little over a week ago I asked you to pray for Colton, a 7-year-old with leukemia and a virus.  Here is a happy update and encouragement to give thanks and keep praying.  Colton is awake and alert and the virus appears to have been eradicated from his system.  He is also considered fully engrafted from his bone marrow transplant.  They are waiting on a full workup to determine if there are any lingering cancer cells, but for now this is excellent news.  He will require both occupational and physical therapy to retrain his muscles to effectively speak, eat and walk again but he is already seeing progress in that area.  Overall the doctors are very optimistic that he will make a full recovery.  Please continue to pray for Colton’s progress and thank you for standing with him and his family.


Please pray for our Church. Plead with the Lord for Grace Canfield’s full recovery from her fall. Ask Him for wisdom and encouragement for her family and loved ones.

Pray for the encouragement of the members of NCC who feel isolated because of COVID-19. Ask Him to guide the church in the best ways to support them.

Praise God that we were able to hold children’s church this past Sunday. May our little ones fall in love with Jesus.

Prayer for Our Sick:


Please continue to pray for healing for Grace Canfield (mid-20’s) who is in a medically induced coma after a 20 foot fall.  A long recovery is predicted.  The trache procedure was successful and she is breathing on her own. She has arrived at the Shirley Ryan ability center and will be there for at least four weeks.  Please pray that by God’s healing power He will bring her out of the coma.  Pray that the Spirit would always prepare the minds of her parents and siblings to hope in the God of love.  

Our Cross Cultural Workers:


Please pray for Judith Blumhofer.  She serves as a physician at a children’s home in Honduras.  Thankfully none of the children have contracted COVID.  The borders have now reopened allowing teammates to return to Honduras.  Pray for unity among the staff, including three new members.  Pray for the teens as they age out of the program and look to move into other programs.  Many of these programs are on indefinite hold.  The teens are re-evaluating their options.  Everyone is tired.  Pray for rest and wisdom for Judy as she makes decisions.  Five months of lock-downs, supply and staff shortages and remote learning for 20 kids has made her quite weary.  


Please pray for Matt and Caroline Newkirk and their four children. They serve at a seminary in Japan.  Pray for the leadership of the seminary to have wisdom as they determine how to carry out classes and other activities for the fall semester.  Pray for advertising efforts to be effective in drawing more students to seminary.  Pray for teammates who are currently “stranded” in the US due to travel restrictions.


Please pray for Tim, Carol, Daphne and Madeline.  Tim is studying the Bible and theology and continue to explore the possibility of serving in Bulgaria.  Pray for wisdom in knowing God’s will for their future.  Also pray for Madeline, their older daughter.  They are pursuing the help of feeding and massage therapists who remains small and not eating well.  

Pray for Paul and Mary Adams and Isaac, who serve with Leadership Resources.  LRI equips pastors around the world to teach God’s Word with God’s heart—training them to preach it faithfully.  Paul supports the infrastructure of training partnerships by working with the communications and technology teams.  He also travels to do training with pastors.  Mary translates written materials for training in East Asia.

Prayer for Our City, State & Nation:


Pray for our City. Many Naperville parents are struggling with the competing demands of working while educating their children at home during the pandemic. May God encourage them, and may practical solutions be found.

There have been several reports in recent days of armed robberies by teens. Ask God to open young and sometimes hopeless hearts to the gospel.


Pray for our State. Because of the state’s worsening economic condition, Gov. Pritzker is warning of layoffs in state government. The Illinois unemployment rate, meanwhile, sits at 11.3 percent, which is above the national average. Pray for the Lord to provide jobs and hope to the unemployed.

Ask God to bring COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths down dramatically and allow businesses to reopen.


Please pray for our Nation. Pray for the millions of people affected by Hurricane Sally on the Gulf Coast.

Ask God to end the violence in our cities and injustice against African Americans and other minorities.

Pray for relief from the horrendous wildfires in California and Oregon and comfort for those who have lost loved ones and livelihoods. Ask God to grant our nation’s leaders wisdom to address the problem effectively.

Prayer for Our World:


Please pray for our World. The World Wildlife Fund reports that nearly 70 percent of animal populations around the world have disappeared in the last 50 years. Deforestation caused by demand for farmland is one of the biggest reasons why. Ask God for solutions that continue to provide adequate amounts of food for people while protecting the biodiversity of the world He created.